Ways To Give

  • Online Giving

    Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of The Simple Church. This system enables you to support the church by making a one-time contribution or establishing a recurring contribution. (*YOU CAN SELECT which option you'd like when entering your contribution when you click on the link below...either click on "Recurring" or "One-time". Recurring is the default selection, so be sure to change it if your gift is one-time only.)

    Click for more info:

  • Giving App

    We have launched a brand new EASY way of giving.   Download the FellowshipOne Go app to get started.  The app is available from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store...search for FellowshipOne Go.  

    Option 1 - Do I already have a Username?

    • The very first field will ask for domain.fellowshiponego.com.
    • Click on domain and type "sc" (sc will replace the word domain)
    • Enter your firstname.lastname or email address in the username field.
    • Click forgot password and F1Go will email you a temporary password for sign in
    • Create a new password and you are in!

    Option 2 - What if I am new or the steps above did not work for me?

    • Click New User? Create an account
    • The very first field will ask for domain.fellowshiponego.com. Click on domain and type "sc" (sc will replace the word domain)
    • For consistency the preferred username is firstname.lastname. If that username is used you may want to add a number to the end of your username.
    • The system will ask for your basic information and then click the check mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    You can give one time or set up recurring giving on the app by clicking on the Give button. You can scan a credit card or type in credit card or bank account information.  You can also update your personal information (address/phone/email) by clicking on your name at the bottom.

  • Text To Give


    TEXT TO 318-225-7872

    STEP ONE: Text the dollar amount (example: 10 for $10 or 25 for $25). 

    If you want your donation to go to the do good/missions fund, text the dollar amount and do good to the number (example: 10 do good for $10 to go toward do good fund)

    STEP TWO: The first time you text to give, it will reply with a message asking for your credit card information.  Enter the information and it will be saved for future donations.  

    STEP THREE: You will receive a message that your giving was successful.

    The donation is recorded in the church database, so you will receive an end-of-year statement for tax purposes.


    If you need to change or update your payment information, text "reset" to begin the process.  You will receive a reply text lets you know that your saved card has been removed and that you'll need to register new credit card information the next time to text to give. 

  • Giving Stations - Sunday Morning

    If you would like to give money on Sunday morning, you can drop your donation at the  giving stations located at the exits of the worship rooms and around the lobby. Money  collected on Sundays is counted by our finance team and is applied to your contribution record in our database.

    CHECK DONATIONS: You can drop a check directly into the giving station. A contribution record will be created for the name and address on the check.

    CASH DONATIONS: If you’d like cash donations to be applied to your contribution record for tax purposes, please be sure to place it in an envelope labeled with your first and last name. Envelopes are available at the giving stations and at the Ask Me or Volunteer Info tables.

  • Mail

    Send your donation by mail to:

    601 Benton Road Suite 2 Bossier City, LA 71111

  • Non-Cash Donation

    In addition to regular cash contributions you can also give items you no longer need or use. Examples of non-cash contributions are donations of vehicles, jewelry, real estate, clothing, etc. Receipts for such items are available upon request.

    For tax purposes, the church is not allowed to establish the worth of these non-cash items, so the receipt will not reflect a value. (It is the responsibility of the donor to establish the value of the property.)

    If you’d like to talk with someone about making a non-cash donation, contact John Haigler at 752.2320 or john@thesimplechurch.tv.

  • Venmo

    If you would like to make a donation via the Venmo App, you can donate to our account @The-Simple-Church, and if you are giving for a specific event please note in the description.

  • Overflow

    Donating stock is one of the most tax-efficient ways to give. A direct stock donation through Overflow means up to 20% more value for your donation because of the capital gains tax savings. If you'd like to donate stock, CLICK HERE

    *If you'd like your stock donation to go toward the Boardwalk Project, please select that fund.