Simple Kids Check-In

There are 2 ways to check-in to Simple Kids on Sunday mornings.

  1. Check-in at the iPad kiosks.  Search for your child's name and then select the group they are in.  A name tag and guardian tag will print at the kiosk printer.  The child wears the name tag and the parent keeps the guardian tag for pick-up,  The numbers on both tags match for security.  If your child has never attended Simple Kids before, stop at the First Time Check-in area and a volunteer will assist you with check-in.
  2. Self Check-in on the FellowshipOne Go APP on your phone. See INSTRUCTIONS for self check-in below:

Download the app to get started. You will be able to check-in when you are within 0.5 miles of the church. The app is available from the Google Play Store or the Apple App for FellowshipOne Go.  

(Note: It is NOT the FellowshipOne Go Check-in App!)

Option 1 - Do I already have a Username?

  • The very first field will ask for
  • Click on domain and type "sc" (sc will replace the word domain)
  • Enter your firstname.lastname or email address in the username field.
  • Click forgot password and F1Go will email you a temporary password for sign in
  • Create a new password and you are in!

Option 2 - What if I am new or the steps above did not work for me?

  • Click New User? Create an account
  • The very first field will ask for Click on domain and type "sc" (sc will replace the word domain)
  • For consistency the preferred username is firstname.lastname. If that username is used you may want to add a number to the end of your username.
  • The system will ask for your basic information and then click the check mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


When you are within 0.5 miles of the church*, you'll be able to click on Check-In.  Click on the child's name that you want to check in.  Choose the group(s) he/she is in and hit DONE at the top right corner.  Choose Preschool Tag Station (closest to Caterpillar-Kangaroo rooms) or Simple Kids Tag Stations (closest to Fish & Whales and SK LIVE) the Label Printer Station and then hit the check-in button at the bottom.   Stop at the tag station you selected when you arrive at church.  Your tags will be waiting for you to pick up.

*GPS must be working on your phone to be able to use the app to check-in.

You can also give one time or set up recurring giving on the app by clicking on the Give button. You can also update your personal information (address/phone/email) by clicking on your name at the bottom.